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        35 years of professional experience

        in powder coating equipment since 1983

        Certified by international standards


        Innovation patent

        Specializing in research, development and production of advanced electrostatic powder coating systems

        Professional team shows strength

        Customer-oriented business philosophy

        Provide customers with powder coating equipment for the best economic benefits
        We entered the electrostatic powder coating industry in the early 1980s, taking the lead in introducing the most advanced powder coating equipment from Europe to China. Since the introduction of the electrostatic powder coating equipment developed by the latest European technology, it has been widely favored by customers, and our company has gradually developed into China's leading electrostatic powder coating equipment supplier.

        Your trustworthy partner in powder coating

        Technology, Quality, Management, Service
        Adhering to the core value policy, we continue to provide customers with the best experience and efficiency coating solutions, and through the accumulation of professional technical experience and the test of time, we have become the world's trustworthy coating partners.

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